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Conducting Business for New York State

Railroads of New York (RONY) represents the freight rail industry in New York State, comprised of four Class I freight railroads and 36 Regional (Class II) and Shortline (Class III) railroads. Together, these railroad members directly employ over 3,700 individuals and carry nearly 77 million tons of freight in 2 million rail carloads annually statewide.

RONY is also supported by its Associate and Contributing members which represent many businesses that provide goods and services to the freight rail industry, including engineers, surveyors, contractors and material suppliers.

RONY proudly partners with many of New York State’s businesses, economic development organizations, industrial development agencies and governmental agencies to help promote economic development efforts all across the state, helping to enable many of New York’s industrial, manufacturing and agricultural businesses to reach markets across the country and to realize a substantial competitive advantage over other businesses that lack access to the rail network.

“…to provide a trade association for all freight railroads that operate in the State of New York to advocate for the rights and needs of railroads and their customers, as well as to encourage economic growth within the state of New York.”

– RONY Mission Statement