Governed by industry experts

RONY is lead by a Board of Directors that has a representative from each of its Railroad Members. Associate Members, consisting of suppliers and transportation consultants, also attend Board meetings and three are selected each year as voting members of the Board.

Marlon Taylor – New York & Atlantic Railroad

Vice President
Mike Fesen – Norfolk Southern Railroad

Matt Wasilewski – Genesee Valley Transportation

Melanie Boyer – New York, Susquehanna & Western Railroad

Executive Director
Scott Wigger

Members At Large
Maurice O’Connell – CSX
Arielle Giordano – Canadian Pacific Railroad
Charles Hunter – Genesee & Wyoming Railroad

Associate Members:

James Bowers (Bowers & Company CPA’s)
Carmen Garozzo (Bergmann Associates)
Carl Rode (C&S Companies)

Government relations and Marketing
Plummer & Wigger, LLC