Legislative Agenda

Below is a listing of the main legislative priority issues RONY currently advocates for in New York State:


RONY supports the following key issues:

  • Enhancement of the NYS Statewide Freight Rail Infrastructure Capital Program so that essential freight rail projects throughout the state may get underway.
  • Legislation which would update New York State’s scrap metal theft laws in a manner necessary to encourage enforcement and deter illegal trespassing and theft activities.
  • The development of the Marcellus Shale formation in NYS, including opposing moratoriums on such activities.
  • NYS legislation that would repeal the provision of law requiring cost recovery assessments from local Industrial Development Agencies by the state.
  • Proper eminent domain practices for essential infrastructure development projects.
  • The creation of Job Tax Credits to spur infrastructure development and economic growth.
  • Legislation which would provide railroads with protection from frivolous lawsuits.
  • The utilization of proper land use planning when industrial economic development projects are being considered.
  • Providing funding assistance to regional and short line railroads to help them comply with Federal safety requirements.
  • The goals of the NYS Energy Plan by advancing freight rail transport as an efficient, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving mode for shipping goods.


RONY opposes the following key issues:

  • Legislation which would place unsafe and burdensome restrictions of the idling of railroad engines.
  • Increased truck size and weight limits on the state’s highways.
  • Federal efforts to repeal the existing RR antitrust laws established by the Staggers Rail Act.
  • Proposals that would place unsafe requirements on the transporting of putrescible and non-putrescible waste.
  • Proposals that would require increased notifications to local authorities regarding the transporting of hazardous materials from a safety and security standpoint.
  • Placing limitations on contracts entered into with public authorities for the leasing of railroad facilities.
  • Legislation which would mandate additional, impractical requirements on railroads to report releases of hazardous substances above and beyond what is already mandated by Federal law.